Monday, February 9, 2009

Indian Government! Stop the war of genocide in Sri Lanka !

The genocidal war against Eelam Tamils in Srilanka is growing intense. 2.5 to 3 lacs are confined within the narrow territorial bounds of Mullai Theevu. Their life in the forests and Corn fields are precarious without adequate shelter, food, and medicines. The Singhalese army continues to bomb hospitals, schools, places of worship and refugee camps, in violation of international human rights norms and war regulations. Weapons like cluster bombs and chemical bombs, forbidden by the international community have been indiscriminately used against the supposed enemies, including innocent civilians.
Though people like Hilary Clinton, the US Foreign Affairs Minister, David Mifant, the British Foreign Affairs Minister, Brad Adams, the Asian Division Director for Human Rights Safety wing and Cordon Weis, the UN News Correspondent have vehemently condemned the Sri Lankan genocide of innocent Tamils, the communal pogrom of the Rajapakshe government continues with audacity.
So far more than 80 thousand innocent Tamils have been killed in the genocide. More than 3 lakh people have been Internally Displaced. More than hundred thousand Tamil women have been brutally raped. And more than eight lakh Tamils have been rendered homeless and have sought asylum in various countries of the world as refugees. UNHRC has recorded “forced disappearance” of more than 5100 Tamil youths from the Srilankan camps. Srilankan human rights groups have reported that the existing camps of Internally Displaced Tamils have virtually become detention camps indulging in “forced disappearances” and hence the call for inviting the Tamils from the war zone to so called “safe zones” by the Srilankan government does not appeal to the suffering Tamils. 99 percent of political prisoners in Sri Lankan jails are Tamils. According to a report by the former Foreign Affairs Minister Mangal Samaraveera, the bombs dropped in Tamil areas by the Singhalese army are more in number than those dropped by USA in Vietnam war.
It is this juncture that the people of Tamilnadu are raising their voices to stop the war and the genocide in Sri Lanka. But the Indian Government is turning a deaf ear to these request. On the one hand, it has not done anything to stop the cruel war. On the other hand, it has also aided the Sri Lankan Government by supplying arms and ammunition and giving military training and thus abetting the annihilation of Tamils in Sri Lanka.
The Tamil people have continued to nurture and strengthen the unity and integrity of the Indian Sub-continent. But, despite several appeals from all sections of people, the inaction and indifference of the Government of India constraints us to believe that it is in fact a war perpetrated and abetted by the Indian forces against the struggling Eelam Tamils.
The Tamils of Eelam , though they have independent national identity, do have umbilical bond by way of ethnic, linguistic and cultural relations with the Indian Tamils. It is but natural that Indian Tamils are anguished owing to genocidal killing of Eelam Tamils in Srilanka. The demonstrations, rallies, general strike and other forms of struggles, including self immolations, in Tamil Nadu in only a natural consequence to voice the protest of the people of Tamil Nadu. The spontaneous protests urges the Indian government to stop abetting the war and prevail upon the Sri Lankan Government to bring an end to the genocidal war. The “voice For Eelam Tamils” is one such expression of moral support to the suffering Sri Lankan Tamils by a federation of students, writers, poets, artists, women groups, fishermen and Human Rights activists.
We appeal to the well meaning Indian intellectuals, students of all castes and creeds of the Indian subcontinent, and supporters of democratic and freedom struggles and friends from the Press to realize that the war in Srilanka is only a state sponsored terrorism unleashed against the innocent Tamils of Sri Lanka now abetted and jointly engineered by the Indian Government, using the Indian tax payers money!Hence, the need of the hour is to call upon the international community to prevail upon the Governments concerned to end the ongoing genocidal war in Sri lanka.
Let us our raise our voice in unison to demand the following:

Oh Indian Government!
1. Stop the Genocidal war against the Tamils of Srilanka.
2. Recognize and uphold the struggle for democracy, dignity, justice and freedom by the Tamils of Srilanka.
3. Invoke the clause of “Right to Protect” of the United Nations Declarations and urge the International Community to initiate action against the Rajapakshe Government for Genocide, war crimes and Crimes against humanity.
4. Initiate action against Srilankan government under national and international law for killing scores of our fishermen by the Srilankan Navy.
5. Facilitate to rush all humanitarian aids to the suffering Tamils through International agencies.
6. Assure a life with dignity for the refugees from Srilanka.

Voice for Eelam Tamils,
Chennai, Pudhucherry, New Delhi.

Organizing Committee:

Leena Manimekalai, Sukirtharani, Selma periyadharshan, Karikalan, Ajayan Bala, Yazhan Aathi, Yavanika Sriram, Konangi, Inba Subramaniyan, Living Smile Vidhya, Asadha, Kalabhairavan (Tamil Poets Movement)

Venketachalam (All College Students Federation, Tamilnadu)

Malathi Maithri (Anangu)

Chandhran (CUPL)

Kalaiyarasan (Tamil Students Federation, New Delhi)

Prema Revathi (Penkal Sandhippu)

K.T. Gandhirajan, Natarajan (Painters Movement)

Bharathi (South Indian fishermen Welfare Association)

Vimala Periyandi (Puducherry fisher women federation)

Buddhar Kalai Kuzhu, Vizhupuram

Protest Programme

12.02.2009 New Delhi
10.00 AM Rally from Jandhar Mandhar to Parliament
11.00 AM Protest in front of Parliament
12.00 AM Relay Fast starts at Jandhar Mandhar

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